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Out with Old, In with the New!

Updated: Feb 12

Part 1 of 6, Sheri Bender, Pulse HR Solutions, LLC

We made it to 2023. For the world of HR and Leadership, this past year has been filled with disruptions, catchphrases, unique recruiting challenges, and layoffs. Many of us have explored new career opportunities, taken a break from the working world, been tasked with caring for aging parents or young people, or focused on their own professional development. The trend for 2022 has been flexibility and survival.

As we look forward to a fresh start in the new year, I have 10 solid tips that Executives, Leaders, and Business Owners looking to improve Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement can implement that WILL improve their results. How do I know this? I have dedicated my career to HR and leadership training and have seen the impact these changes make firsthand.

30% of deals fail to meet financial objectives due to workplace culture issues.

According to the 2022 SHRM Global Culture Research Report, 51% of workers have thought about leaving their current organization. The results are similar for workers who are actively looking for a new job. 64% of workers who rate their culture as poor have actively looked for a new job in the past six months.

Strong supervisors make their employees feel inspired and motivated at work and weak supervisors lead to employee dissatisfaction. 62% of employees who are actively looking for a new opportunity said they have observed their direct supervisor fail to hold co-workers accountable for poor workplace behavior. This lack of leadership is very frustrating for employees and could contribute to employee dissatisfaction and turnover.

Making matters worse, over half of workers (54%) who are looking for a new job believe their supervisor doesn’t know how to lead a team. No matter how strong your culture is, if you don't have strong leaders in place, it can be detrimental to progress.

In short, here are the 10 tips to improve Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement:

  1. Build Solid Relationships with Your Team

  2. Value What Each Person Brings to The Organization (DEI)

  3. Invest in Development – Not just ‘them’, for yourself too

  4. Find Your Secret Recipe-What Is It that Your Company Does Really Well?

  5. Adapt Agile Leadership (Flexibility is here to stay)

  6. Be Consistent and Hold People Accountable

  7. Strive for a Collaborative Environment

  8. Set Goals to Strengthen Purpose and Transparency

  9. Celebrate and Recognize Excellence

  10. Commit to Support and Communicate (Everyone)

This is Part 1 of a 6 Part Series on 10 Tips to Improve Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement in the New Year. We will explore Tips 1 and 2 next Monday. Follow me for leadership advice.

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