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Final Week - Out with Old, In with the New!

Part 6 of 6, Sheri Bender, Pulse HR Solutions, LLC

💥Celebrate and Recognize Excellence

In my experience, companies and leaders have been quick to correct and slow to recognize. If you are a leader, how do you appreciate an action or 'job well done' from your employees?

Do you know how each of your direct reports prefer to be recognized?

Each employee may have a different preference when it comes to what they value. I prefer an email or hand-written note so that I can keep it and take a look at it later. Some people prefer a quiet 'thank you' and others like to be unrecognized. If you haven't considered it, you might want to ask your direct reports what they value and how they would like to be appreciated?

I once worked with a high-powered Vice President that was VERY introverted when you got to know them. They once received an award from their boss and I truly thought they would crawl under the table at the dinner rather than go up front in a crowded room to receive the recognition, there was almost a minute's delay between the announcement and the person standing up to receive the award. Be sure you know what the employee prefers, or you might be left holding the trophy.

💥Commit to Support and Communicate (Everyone)

Everyone can use support. Some of the hot topics right now include mental health, stress, and burnout resources for employees. Knowing individual preference will lead to success because communication as well as work style/preference/habits may vary and essential for building a positive work culture.

💥How long does culture change take?

I believe you can see evidence of culture change when top leadership and employees are committed to creating a movement throughout the organization. True impact on culture change takes a continuous effort over a period of time (12 months or longer).

As you can see from these 10 recommendations, your energy could be thinly-spread, so it is best to take a strategic approach.

💥In summary, my 10 tips to improve Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement are:

1. Build Solid Relationships with Your Team

2. Value What Each Person Brings to The Organization (DEI)

3. Invest in Development – Not just ‘them’, for yourself too

4. Find Your Secret Recipe-What Is It that Your Company Does Really Well?

5. Adapt Agile Leadership (Flexibility is here to stay)

6. Be Consistent and Hold People Accountable

7. Strive for a Collaborative Environment

8. Set Goals to Strengthen Purpose and Transparency

9. Celebrate and Recognize Excellence

10. Commit to Support and Communicate (Everyone)

This is Part 6 of a 6 Part Series on 10 Tips to Improve Workplace Culture and Employee Engagement in the New Year. I invite you to share some of the best experiences you have had with company culture change efforts and employee engagement. What did a leader do to spark a sense of engagement in you? What did it ‘feel’ like to work at your organization? What tips do you think I missed?

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