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Companies that lead in DEI efforts:
36% higher performance
25% higher profitability
22% greater productivity
22% less turnover

DEI Services

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DEI Planning

Partnering with you for strategic Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) planning to further your  organization’s mission, vision, and goals.

ERG Planning & Support

Providing education, support, and resources to establish meaningful and actionable short and long-term goals to successfully create employee resource groups.  

Trainings & Workshops

Customized, Interactive and Practical DEI topics delivered in various settings for all audiences.  Tools and Takeaways to make a positive impact in your workplace.

Interviews & Focus Groups

Gathering important feedback from your employees (at all levels).  1:1, Small Groups, Virtual, In-Person, Flexible Options available.

Assessment or Surveys

Custom or pre-made assessments and surveys allow organizations to gather feedback from employees and benchmark the engagement rate of employees. 

Consulting Service

As a Certified Diversity Professional, Sheri is available to discuss ways to help you create a more inclusive workplace culture.  Call today to set up your exploratory call!

Take Action

You can't just want to make a difference in the world—you have to do something about it!

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