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The most effective teams and leaders get coached – and they get coached by experienced coaches. I believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be concealed, or hidden inside.


As an ACC-certified coach, I utilize my many years of Human Resources Leadership experience to support my clients’ success as they navigate solutions and necessary change. Clients who work with me often set and accomplish goals to lead confidently, develop subordinates, and find proactive solutions instead of reactive approaches. It is an honor to coach people. Clients say I am positive, intuitive, warm and encouraging, and I keep them accountable to their goals.

Individual Coaching

1:1 coaching sessions are designed for us to do the deep work together based on your specific goals and objectives.

Leading a team or company is no easy task in today’s unpredictable environment. Staying cool under pressure, compassionate when frustrated, and present in difficult situations all take a lot of energy.

I help guide each leader to unlock their unique potential and discover their personal strengths by asking effective questions at the right time. The primary goal of coaching is to improve your effectiveness at work in ways linked to overall business strategy and coaching helps you use the tools at your disposal more effectively. You (the client) own the results and the commitments.

Career Coaching

I work with professionals at all stages of their career. When you need ideas and suggestions to start a new career or accelerate an existing one, I help you explore the right way ahead by inspiring you and helping you identify your hidden potential. I use proven methodologies to help you identify options, prepare for effective job searches, and feel confident as you network and submit applications for your future career.

Team Coaching

Misaligned teams can create many problems throughout an organization. Unhappy employees are less engaged, miss deadlines, miss more time from work, are less creative, and are oftentimes less productive. These problems may create a ripple effect reaching your customers and negatively impact the bottom line. Effective teams positively impact results and increase employee engagement.

Teams are complex organizations comprised of complex individuals. Creating a whole which is more impactful than the individuals requires strong leadership skills and understanding of team dynamics.

DISCSelf and DISC 360° Assessments

Utilizing DISCSelf and DISC 360° Assessments, clients are able to learn to build awareness and understanding of characteristic traits of behavioral styles in both a natural and adapted environment.  And, when partnering with a coach develop skills to recognize and gain a deeper understanding of their own styles to become more effective leaders.

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